Suzanne Webb MP meets with Corbett Meadow Action Group

The MP for Stourbridge has met with activists and the local community to discuss the future of Corbett Meadow in Amblecote.

The ancient meadow has recently been under threat and there are fears that the site could be built on in the future, something which Suzanne Webb will work with local residents to avoid.

She said: “I was pleased to meet with the Save the Corbett Meadow Action Group recently, and I share their concerns regarding the future of Corbett Meadow.

“It is a beautiful and tranquil space that that has obvious health benefits to people living nearby. When patients and visitors are enjoying a cup of tea or slice of cake in the café at Corbett Hospital, it is therapeutic for them to look out onto the meadow.

“During my campaign in the lead up to the General Election protecting our green spaces was part of my six-point plan, and it remains high on my agenda alongside protecting our beautiful countryside in Stourbridge.”

A spokesperson for the Save the Corbett Meadow Action Group said:  "Amblecote History Society members and Amblecote Ward Councillors are determined to protect this green space from the bulldozers and have ambitious ideas about how this valuable space could be used for the benefit of the local community. The Society is so grateful for the support of our new MP to this cause and look forward to working closely with her in the future to safeguard the land for posterity because this original, untouched part of Amblecote has significant archaeological, ecological and community value."