Letter from Westminster - 2nd July 2020

Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of everyone, we are succeeding in bringing coronavirus under control, and have been able to cautiously reopen parts of our local economy.

Letter from Westminster - 7th May 2020

Last week the Prime Minister confirmed that we had passed the peak of Covid-19 and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you all for the massive collective effort to shield the NHS and prevent an uncontrollable epidemic across Dudley Borough.

Letter from Westminster - 23rd April 2020

We have just experienced an Easter like no other. Normally we would have all been out with family or friends, on an Easter break or visiting one of our many places of worship. Instead we stayed home, we protected the NHS and we saved lives.

Letter from Westminster - 9th April 2020

This week I thought I would begin by giving you an insight into my life as a Westminster politician during the unprecedented crisis that is the invisible killer, Coronavirus.

Letter from Westminster - 26th March 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented situation and we must take the strongest measures to slow its spread, as a community we must not be complacent.

We need to take the steps outlined below to save people’s lives.

Letter from Westminster - 12th March 2020

This week I will have completed my first three months in office, the focus of which has been very much on being your MP in Westminster and being in the heart of the community every week whether speaking to residents or attending community events.

Back the Deal

The only way to take no deal off the table is to support Boris Johnson's deal with the EU, MPs need to grasp this basic fact. #GetBrexitDone

The only way to enact the will of the people is to Get Brexit Done.

We need now to get this done.


We need to act on Climate control but not with prophecies of doom

Now is the time to act on Climate change.

That we want to ‘play our part’. The Great Britain should lead from the front.

We cannot afford to blow hot air or say the right things but deliver nothing. It cannot be a cynical gesture. We must deliver, and quickly.