Protecting the Green Belt

To many people in Stourbridge, the green belt is a vital part of life. Providing beautiful landscapes to enjoy and experience and acting as a vital green barrier to stop urban sprawl, I recognise the important of the green belt in our area and I have a track record in fighting against green belt development, being part of the "Project Fields" campaign opposed to green belt development elsewhere in the Midlands

That is why I am campaigning with West Midlands Mayor Andy Street to prevent any development on the green belt in Stourbridge during the review of Dudley Council's planning document, the Black Country Plan. I am working with local Conservative Councillors who support this campaign to ensure that we protect Stourbridge's green belt for future generations to enjoy.

Currently, the Black Country Plan is in its very early stages. No decisions will be made on where development can or cannot happen until 2022 at the earliest. As part of the Black Country Plan, landowners were asked to submit sites they wish to be considered for "release" in order to develop them, commonly for housing. Sites put forward included Clent View Fields and Foxcote Farm, however, this does not mean they will be developed nor is there any planning applications to develop these sites at the moment.

Dudley Councillors will soon consider a draft plan of sites within the borough that could be developed. Working with them, I hope to see Stourbridge's green belt protected for the future.

On this page I will post updates about the progress in my campaign to protect our green belt and other green spaces in the community.


Corbett Meadow Meet

Stourbridge MP Suzanne Webb has met with the Save the Corbett Meadow Action Group to thank them for all their efforts to protect the local green space.

The group met to discuss the proposals in the Black Country Plan, which is set to give the site the same protection as Green Belt.

My thoughts on the Black Country Plan

I am really pleased that Corbett Meadow will be designated local green space and be afforded the same protection as Green Belt in the plan. This is something I have campaigned for with local people and it is great news.

However, there are some disappointing proposals too.