Letter from Westminster - 24th September 2020

I was going to focus solely on the UK Internal Markets Bill which has made some headlines over the last few weeks and taken up much of my In-tray. However due to the additional Covid-19 restrictions, announced by the Prime Minister, I will also comment on these new measures. 

Prime Minister's Statement on Coronavirus

Suzanne Webb:

Will my right hon. Friend join me in thanking all those on the frontline at the covid-19 test centres and in the labs? They are working incredibly hard to keep up with the unprecedented demand as we grow our testing capacity to 500,000 a day by the end of October.

Suzanne Webb Column 10th September 2020

The incident in Birmingham last weekend was truly shocking. My thoughts go out to all the victims of this appalling crime. But knife crime isn't just a problem in our cities; in 2017 Ryan Passey was tragically killed at the hands of a knife after an altercation right here in our town.