Clockfields Estate Roads

Residents of the Clockfields Estate have endured badly damaged roads for years due to ownership disputes and a lack of action from those responsible to maintain the road surface. This has gone on for long enough and local residents deserve better.

Working with Dudley Councillors Paul Bradley, Pete Lee and candidate Kamran Razzaq, I am pushing for the responsible parties to take on the repair work needed to bring the road surface up to scratch and then make sure the council adopts the road network in the estate so that any future maintenance responsibility falls to them.

Currently, Dudley Council are seeking "bonds" money to repair the roads to allow them to be adopted, however, the Council insist that the money should be obtained from insurance companies before they adopt the roads. This is resulting in a lengthy stand off during which little progress is made.

I will do everything that is within my power to get this issue moving and ensure it is given the appropriate level of priority by the Council.