Back Boris to Get Brexit Done

Today should have been the day that Brexit was delivered and we finally left the EU. But despite the great new deal the Prime Minister negotiated, Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, and the Liberal Democrats stopped us from getting Brexit done and allowing us to move our country forward.


We must deliver on the result of the referendum. That's why I'm backing our Prime Minister to leave the EU on the 31st of October. After three years, it's time we delivered Brexit.

Back the Deal

The only way to take no deal off the table is to support Boris Johnson's deal with the EU, MPs need to grasp this basic fact. #GetBrexitDone

The only way to enact the will of the people is to Get Brexit Done.

We need now to get this done.


Celebrating Diwali in the West Midlands

The celebration of Diwali in the West Midlands is a reflection of the community cohesion, integration and the deep bonds of friendship that have built over time.

It is the essence of unity and peace and harmony.

It is the Festivals of light.

We need to act on Climate control but not with prophecies of doom

Now is the time to act on Climate change.

That we want to ‘play our part’. The Great Britain should lead from the front.

We cannot afford to blow hot air or say the right things but deliver nothing. It cannot be a cynical gesture. We must deliver, and quickly.