Statement from Suzanne Webb MP following Prime Minister’s speech in Dudley

“I was delighted that the Prime Minister took the time to visit Dudley today and deliver a speech of this significance for the future of our country.

“The Prime Minister says that the UK is the greatest place on earth, I would like to think that the Black Country is one of the greatest and most creative places in the UK. The spirit and determination of Black Country people in the face of Coronavirus has been a testament to this.

“It is also fitting that he chose to deliver his speech on the economic recovery from the virus in the Dudley Borough - an area where regeneration is firmly at the top of the agenda. The Prime Minister's announcements on house building and investment will be particularly important for areas like Lye and Cradley in my constituency, both of which have huge potential for more homes and more jobs to be sited on brownfield sites.

“The announcement of £5bn in investment for schools, hospitals, high streets roads and rail will be game changing, as will the commitment to cut red tape and get Britain building quicker than ever. The announcement on planning reform looks very positive, with people being given more freedom to turn their properties into the residential and commercial properties we need, whilst retaining protections for important community assets like pubs and libraries.

“The Prime Minister has laid out an ambitious plan for our economic recovery which reflects my plan for Stourbridge, focussed on "jobs, jobs, jobs” and on reskilling and re-training, helping people to get back on their feet following coronavirus.”