Become the Commonwealth Games ‘Mascot Maker’

Suzanne Webb, Member of Parliament for Stourbridge, has invited the children of Stourbridge to enter the 2022 Commonwealth Games ‘Mascot Maker’ competition to design the official mascot for the Games, and win Opening Ceremony tickets.

Children aged 5-15 can enter the competition to design an Official Mascot that reflects the identity, heritage and culture of the West Midlands. The winning design will be seen by over one billion people all around the world.

Designs can be submitted as a painting, drawing or collage and could be based on a person, animal or character. Above all, children are asked to be creative and have fun.

Suzanne Webb, a leading supporter of the Games coming to the West Midlands, has asked schools to make children aware of the competition in a bid for the ‘Mascot Maker’ to come from right here in Stourbridge.

She said: “I am so excited to see some of the worlds best athletes compete in the Commonwealth Games across the West Midlands in 2022. There are so many opportunities for our area to be advertised on a global footing, and what better way to show the world what Stourbridge and the West Midlands is all about than for the Official Mascot to be designed by one of our own.

“I would love to see the winner hail from Stourbridge with a Mascot representing the dynamism, creativity and resourcefulness of the West Midlands. I hope that many local children will be able to enter the competition before the closing date on 5th August.”

More information on the Mascot Maker competition and details of how to enter can be found at