Regenerating our High Streets Survey

Making our High Streets better🏫

I would really appreciate your thoughts about how we can do that in places like Lye, Cradley and Quarry Bank as well as of course, Stourbridge town centre. 

This is in advance of the launch of the ÂŁ4 BILLION levelling up fund due to be launched shortly đź’°

If you live in Stourbridge, Cradley, Lye or Quarry Bank, please do take my survey below and be part of the conversation about what needs to be done to revive our High Streets. 💻💬

Regenerating our High Streets

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The Government's Levelling Up Fund will help local areas like ours access money for regeneration. On what main improvements do you think funding should be targeted?
Where in the local area should Government funding be focussed, should a bid be successful?
Which type of businesses would you like to see more of on our High Streets?
Do you think parking is a problem on our High Streets?